CHERYL ANDREA | clairvoyant | medium | spiritual visionary


I grew up in Kodiak, Alaska, and Waianae, Hawaii and was blessed to have spent a year as a foreign exchange student in Finland.  At 18, my adventurous spirit explored living in California for a couple years.  Serendipitous events led me to Dallas where I've spent years raising my children and creating a life I love! 

Professionally, I have been self-employed more than 20 years as a clairvoyant/medium and holistic practitioner/massage therapist and yoga instructor, teaching others of the mind, body and spirit connection. In 2014, I was inspired (implored really!) by Spirit to create NOW Center, a mind, body and spirit resource center.  NOW Center served it's purpose and again, Spirit sent me on to other creative endeavors!  I am also the owner/producer of the Dallas Psychic Fair and Dallas WellBeing Fair - both monthly events previously held at NOW Center.

I’m also the mother of two beautiful sons…Hayden and Gabriel. My children are the greatest teachers I’ve known in life because they ask only to be loved, sheltered and guided in this unfamiliar world…they are the most precious gift God gives us outside of our Free Will to choose what we shall create here…it’s all about understanding and knowing the magnificence of ourselves through relationships…relationship to self, to God (Spirit), others who travel with us, to the Universe at large and everything in between!​