CHERYL ANDREA | clairvoyant | medium | spiritual visionary


"Cheryl is an awesome mixture of intuitive, coach, and counselor. I have had the good fortune to be a part of her tribe for a number of years now, including workshops, galleries, and fairs. And in the online streaming show she always takes an insightful, high-minded approach to issues, that includes positive language, true mentoring, and coming from a space of love to guide people to their highest good. As an intuitive myself, I can feel there are no strings or hidden agendas as well - very pure." - R. B.

"Cheryl has always given me comfort with every word she says and always has the answers that my soul needs!" - J. S.

"Every session with Cheryl is warm, truthful, and uplifting I always leave with the answers to my problems and a sense of well being and hope for the future!"
- Joseph

"Cheryl is truly gifted. She has guided me in very profound ways. After taking other types of therapy and counseling I have found that this is unique and truly healing! Cheryl is very assertive but I also like how she applies her critical skills and knowledge to counsel. When you talk with Cheryl, you can feel her energy as extremely positive and transparent. I highly recommend her, you will not regret it! Thanks Cheryl!" - Josie

"Needed direction and focus! Cheryl helped tremendously. Explained so much and great answers for moving forward in a new direction.  I am feeling brave!  Thank you." - E. A.

"Cheryl is an amazing loving and genuine coach and a friend. She can reach very deep inside of you and bring it to the surface in a loving non judgmental way. I am amazed how much she confirmed thoughts, feelings and guided me to more insights so that I can move forward with some elements I needed confirmation with. After meeting with Cheryl, you will feel at peace, confident, trusting the future and ready to move mountains! Spending time with Cheryl is a gift to oneself. Thank you Cheryl!"  - Carine

"As always Cheryl delivers needed messages & information in a way that is crystal clear to me and gives me the needed direction in all areas of life that I was seeking. ​I can't thank her enough!!!" - M. M.

"Cheryl is amazing! She is a wise and beautiful soul. She has given me clarity and hope. Time with her is always well spent." - Pamela

"Cheryl, I want to thank you for all the help in this life journey! Cheryl is really gifted, has divine guidance, but also counsels based on her own experience and knowledge. She is compassionate and understanding but also provides objective feedback on where we may be going off track and how to modify it! I agree that after talking to her there is a sense of peace and tranquility! I highly recommend her, especially if you need guidence in your life!" - J. C.

"You know that warm comfort you get when you go home for a visit... the love... the comfort... the warmth... when talking with Cheryl, that's how I feel... like coming home to renew my spirit and gain wise insights... she's always spot on! So happy she's always available." - Patricia

"​What a great chat. I was pretty confused and Cheryl picked up on what was going through my mind and went right to helping clear my head so I can go on with this journey. Very easy to talk with and very good at explaining why and what was going on... I gotta thank her and can't wait talk with her again. Thank you Cheryl" - George

"Cheryl’s perfect wording calmed and left me with a strong sense of purpose, joy and understanding of why I gave a small perfect crystal teddy bear found on cement of a strip mall parking lot to a stranger with the words “this was meant for you”. She showed me how to help the woman from a distance and protect myself from absorbing unfathomable sorrow, due to her son’s death. Thank you Cheryl for vision to far reaching love between a child and parent and knowledge of a friend on the other side." - Margaret